“Maryssa did my hair and makeup when I was a bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding.  Her professionalism and attention to detail were so impressive and appreciated (especially for a control freak like me!).  The day was very relaxed seemed to flow so smoothly because of her.  She made such an impact on me, I have booked her for my upcoming wedding and I know (with relief) I’ll be in great hands. I would recommend her to anyone looking for hair and makeup for their special occasion.”
-Julie G.

“I have worked with Maryssa for over three years. She has done my hair and makeup, as well as transformed over 100 clients for my photography business. What I love about Maryssa is she is professional, yet fun. She will listen to what the client wants and create a beautiful, timeless look for them. Her talent is unparalleled in Denver and beyond!!”
-Erin Blackwell, Erin Blackwell Studio, LLC

“Being someone who doesn’t get done up often, and when I do it’s not really anything dramatic, getting my hair and makeup done for a beauty shoot was a little nerve racking and exciting all at the same time. You’re nervous about how you will look with a of this product added to you, but also excited to see how it will all turn out. Maryssa has done my hair and makeup two times now for a shoot with Erin Blackwell, and both times it was the same suspenseful feeling. You would think working with Erin and Maryssa I wouldn’t get a giddy and nervous, but it’s common for us women to be hard on ourselves. Maryssa pays super close attention to your natural beauty and focuses on that. She has a talent for bringing out your eyes, your check bones, your lips. It’s honestly amazing, and pure art work, how she uses these products like paint and creates a master piece that focuses on YOU! The end result, in my experience and from what I’ve seen working with her several times, is always wonderful and breathe taking just like the woman who is wearing it! ”
-Amanda S.

“Working with Maryssa was an enjoyable experience. She did my makeup and hair for my 3 generation photo shoot.  She gave me the look I was wanting because she listened to me about my lifestyle and my relationship with my daughter and granddaughter which in return produced beautiful portraits.”
-June F.

“Maryssa was with me throughout two of my greatest life experiences. She did my hair and makeup for my wedding and also for my maternity photo shoot. She made me feel special, relaxed, and beautiful throughout. Maryssais talented in bringing out your natural beauty. My photographs came out looking phenomenal!”
-Kerri B.

“Maryssa definitely has an eye for all things beautiful! Im convinced it’s a natural gift she has. I knew that before because of the work I have seen her do and even more after she was done making me over! I felt completely comfortable in her presence and was confident that the outcome would be stunning. She was very attentive to my requests and I knew I could trust her. I felt so confident and beautiful after getting made over by Maryssa!”

“Maryssa is very talented and unique in her ability to blend her expertise with the client’s expectations. I felt completely at ease with her on my wedding day, knowing she wouldn’t be satisfied unless I felt more beautiful than I had ever imagined was possible. And she’s a ton of fun which made the experience all the better.”
-Aubrey D.

“I am someone who does not ever like when anyone does my makeup— I am extremely particular— but when Maryssa did my makeup for the first beauty shoot and I saw how awesome it looked and photographed I was obsessed! She also did my makeup for myself and my husbands Day After shoot and completely out did herself then too. She makes you feel at ease and comfortable, and her attention to detail is great! Loved the whole experience!”
-Brie F.